65 +

Years of service

At Chain Electric Company, we know about weathering storms. In our 65 years of service, we’ve come to understand that regardless of the kind of storm – a natural disaster, an economic recession, or anything in between – folks need to be able to rely on their utility provider. Companies that can consistently deliver, even in times of uncertainty are rare, and Chain Electric is proud to be exceptional in this regard. Whether it’s rebuilding the infrastructure of an aging utility, meeting the sophisticated needs of an industrial plant, or turning your system’s lights back on when it matters most, our journeymen linemen are among the most reliable and safest utility contractors in the nation.


Where others won’t go, we will. Whether the job is Distribution, Transmission, or Substation, Chain Electric is dedicated to ensuring every job is done correctly, safely, and on time. We invest in quality, both in our power and our people. Our linemen crews have the expertise to make crucial problem-solving decisions onsite and the determination to fully complete every task. We back up all of our services with a safety record that’s second-to-none. Dedicated service, proven expertise, unparalleled safety, and uncompromising quality – that’s our promise, that’s Proven Power.